G.G.U.O.D.W Earring Collection

YALL!!! Grandma REALLY Got Us Out Da Wayyyy with all these vintage goodies that are ALL OVER 30 years old!!! Thatsy almost older than me! 😭😂 Most of the earrings had matches and were broken and missing pieces … THATS where I came in and brought these BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING , EYE-CATCHING pieces back from the 80s and the 90s!!! These Earrings definitely give a nostalgic vibe while STILL ON TREND with today’s fashion .. like it’s LIT🔥🔥 Any of these Clip On and Pierced Earrings would look bomb on that vacay that’s coming up , or that Birthday dinner you got planned with that dress?! 😭.. SOOO after putting my personal pieces to the side ( c’mon, I couldn’t sell ALL the good stuff lol ) I’ve curated and reconstructed some bomb ass earrings from my Grandmother, Carolyn, that I like to call the “ Grandma Got Us Out Da Way “ Collection ✨… because you’re DEFINITELY NOT going to find these anywhere else 💅🏽 … dropping July 1st at 4 pm!!!!! 💯 THESE ARE 1 OF 1 VINTAGE PIECES!!! HURRY IF YOU SEE A PAIR YOU LIKE! THEY WILL GO EXTREMELY FAST!! .. oh.. and they’re all $25.55✨..: LOVE YALL DEEP!!!💛