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Crafting was DEFINITELY just a hobby of mine at first... or so I thought... I didn’t realize that growing up , it had almost been instilled in me through various family members and experiences I had traveling the US at a very young age with my grandparents. Before starting my “Juwelry” business in 2019, between 2015 and 2018 I had two other ( mini-successful) businesses .. one where I was hand making choker necklaces, and the other I was outsourcing and selling high quality modern women’s clothing... all while going through a very personal spiritual journey ..😩🥴 I KNEW I wanted to start fresh with another business, I knew I wanted this one to be “THE ONE TO DO IT “ ( lol). It didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted to stay in the handcrafting jewelry biz and do more than just make chokers ( which were 🔥🔥😉 btw) , so from chokers, came single dangle feather earrings, to gold filled and sterling silver waistchains , necklaces and anklets , to my most popular , the nose cuffs and ringssss✨🌞🔥 I had been bartending and serving at various restaurants for the past 13 years up until March 2020 when the lockdown became mandatory. I had lost both my main bartending jobs and my side catering job ... literally leaving me to rely on my new jewelry business that was only almost one year old and maybe about 40 -60 orders in ... So I planned and sketched new designs out in my head, and my iPad lol ...crafted them up ... did a cute beat face ..put my handcrafted creations on I made and headed to Tik Tok .... The rest , loves , is in front of your eyessss✨🧿 Thanks You for your continued support as my business continues to grow!!✨ Love & Light , Ju🌞

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