Faux Nipple Ring Set

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Don’t even worry about getting your nips pierced, we GOT YOUUUU!!! 😜🔥


 these are so perfect, omg…

Assorted Crystals and Glass Gems Used, you pick which Crystal/ Gem  you want in your set!! .. you choose your wire color too!!! 👌🏾✨


How to Put on Faux Nipple Ring

  •  gently pull the two sides of the ring apart ( slightly opening the V .. spreading it apart)
  •  once pulled apart, slip your nipple in between the V , and then tighten by squeezing the two sides together as snug as you need . Ring should feel secure but not too tight on nipple. 
  • Do the jump test ( lol, seriously) . If it slips off, try positioning your nipple in the middle of the ring where the two sides connect at the bottom, and tighten the two sides around the nipple.